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"Lebanese cuisine comes across as a merging of Greek and Middle Eastern foods, which makes perfect geographic sense. There's the hummus and the grape leaves, plus the falafel and the shawarma. Throw in some unique spices, like sumac and zaatar, and Lebanese food is its own thing.

"Beirut CafĂ©’s menu marries flavors from three countries still caught in the crossfire of war. It's a story of territories conquered, battles lost. But it’s also a story of love, infused into every bite, making life — and the food on the table — just that much sweeter."

"This has been the tastiest and most refreshing meal I had in a long time... we will be back!"

  • "My husband and I have been having withdrawls since there is not one decent eatery in St. Pete that serves good authentic middle eastern fare. We have often commented "WHY?" Until today...when we finally had the chance to visit the Beirut Cafe on Park Street. What a treat! Good hummus, tabouleh and kaftah! The owners are very warm, friendly hosts who run a lovely restaurant that definitely needs more PR! I could not believe this place has been so close for over 10 months!!!!!! If you like Lebanese food you must try this place. It is casual and humble...but the food is what will keep you coming back. Be bold try a little of everything!" Drewbie, UrbanSpoon
  • "Exceptionally fresh food. Homemade food that is second to none! I had the Fatoush salad which was out of this world! I followed that up with the falafel which was made with fresh ingredients with a delicious tahini sauce and served hot. Absolutely delicious. Falafels are one of my favorite foods to eat and this was by far the best I have had! The owners are extremely friendly and the restaurant is very clean with a warm ambience. Great to eat in or for pick-up. You will love this place!" TheDoc, UrbanSpoon
  • "My son and I stopped for a late lunch. Boy, we were pleasantly surprised. The food was amazingly fresh and filled with delicious flavors. The owners took excellent care of us and provided top-notch service. We were both impressed and will surely be back for more!" Sherry, UrbanSpoon
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